Discourse Coherence in the Wild: A Dataset, Evaluation, and Methods
Alice Lai and Joel Tetreault
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Natural Language Inference from Multiple Premises
Alice Lai, Yonatan Bisk, and Julia Hockenmaier
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Learning to Predict Denotational Probabilities For Modeling Entailment
Alice Lai and Julia Hockenmaier
EACL 2017
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Illinois-LH: A Denotational and Distributional Approach to Semantics
Alice Lai and Julia Hockenmaier
SemEval 2014

From image description to visual denotations: New similarity metrics for semantic inference over event descriptions
Peter Young, Alice Lai, Micah Hodosh, and Julia Hockenmaier
TACL, Vol. 2
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NOTE: I no longer have access to the website that hosts the Flickr30K dataset. For any issues downloading the dataset, please contact Julia Hockenmaier.


Textual Entailment from Image Caption Denotations
PhD Thesis, 2018
Advised by Julia Hockenmaier
Committee: Katrin Erk, Dan Roth, ChengXiang Zhai